Warehouse and Logistics Robots by Prime Robotics

Fast, Accurate Robotic Automation

About Prime Robotics

Prime Robotics is a privately held company with the mission to make Robots that Revolutionize the Supply Chain. Born from experience building and deploying WMS systems for large warehouses around the World, we understand software.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Prime also has an Research and Development center in Shenzhen, China. The company currently designs and sells goods to persons robots that can reduce labor needs in warehouses. While sales and marketing are based out of the Denver Headquarters, there are engineering teams in both the Denver and Shenzhen locations.

Our Mobile Shelf Robots have also been modified at the software level to make them workable in a factory environment. We can either replenish your production points or help to move your goods along your line.

Prime aims to create a fun working environment for people who are driven to see their efforts have an impact on the real World. We are enthusiastic to contribute to the freeing of humans from the mundane.