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Our Mission

To accelerate and optimize warehouse, supply chain, and factory operations via best-in-class automation solutions and services.

Our Values

Quality | Innovation | Collaboration | Transparency | Integrity | Respect


Prime Robotics, a global automation company founded in 2018, provides turnkey hardware, software, service, and support solutions for the distribution, warehouse, and e-commerce industries. Prime's automation tools empower companies to accelerate and optimize their entire value chain ecosystem, allowing clients to save time and money at every stage of the warehouse logistics process.


picture of Eric Rongley, Prime Robotics Chief Executive Officer

Eric Rongley

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Rongley is an industry pioneer who has driven warehouse efficiency and supply chain innovation for more than twenty years. He created Prime Robotics to bring together best-in-class robotics and unparalleled expertise in warehouse optimization and logistics. Eric is not afraid to break rules and shift paradigms in order to find efficiencies that will give companies an edge.

The first company Eric founded, Bleum, built enterprise-class supply chain, warehouse management, and e-Commerce solutions for Fortune 5000 companies including Walmart, Disney, Menards, Armstrong, O'Reilly Auto Parts, and Amway. Bleum also developed custom warehouse management software for WMS market leader Blue Yonder (formerly JDA) and developed and deployed multiple WMS solutions for third-party logistics provider NetLogistics.

With the never satisfied mindset of a true entrepreneur, Eric has one eye on what’s next: smart robots that navigate the supply chain autonomously without boundaries—whether moving products across town or around the world.

picture of Joe Hunt, Prime Robotics Chief Operating Officer

Joe Hunt

Chief Operations Officer

Joe Hunt is the Chief Operations Officer at Prime Robotics, where he spearheads the technology team's efforts encompassing software and hardware development, deployment/implementation, and customer success. Joe has been an advisor to Prime Robotics since 2020 and took on the COO position in 2023.

With a robust entrepreneurial background, he has orchestrated multiple startups and innovative initiatives within prominent enterprises. Joe's career is underscored by a track record of transforming technology organization results. Over the past thirty years, he has demonstrated expertise in steering technology development across a spectrum that spans startups to large teams numbering over 400 in Fortune 100 companies. He is a technologist and builder focused on building systems and companies.

Joe has a bachelor's degree in computer science from Colorado State University and an MBA from UCLA. Additionally, Joe graduated from the Los Angeles Film School, majoring in editing with minors in directing and cinematography.

Alex Bonaire

Vice President, Robotics

Alex Bonaire is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in designing, programming, and deploying robotic automation solutions across nearly every manufacturing sector. His past work includes not only engineering execution but also managing automation projects and teams, all with a focus on advanced applications that incorporate technologies such as machine vision, 3D sensing, and complex motion systems.

Alex's primary field engineering experience comes from his time at Fanuc Robotics, but he has also worked at Ford Research and several systems integrators. Prior to joining Prime, he was a robotics product manager for Mitsubishi Electric and Omron Automation, managing their Americas' robot portfolios and introducing new robotics products to market, including several new autonomous mobile robots.

Alex has a customer-focused mindset that guides his decision-making and a commitment to continuous improvement. His drive to seek out and create new and innovative solutions helps him effectively solve customer challenges. He is also highly team-oriented, enjoying collaboration with colleagues to achieve shared goals and fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

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