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Announcing the Auto Shelf

AUTONOMOUS SHELF PRESS RELEASE   Prime Robotics Launches the Auto Shelf, A Revolutionary Robotics Platform for Warehouses   On March 9th at the MODEX Convention, Prime Robotics will launch the Auto Shelf, a revolutionary warehouse robotics platform. The Auto Shelf overcomes the inherent compromises of other Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR) systems with a fully patented […]

Prime Hosts First Meeting for Shenzhen Robotics Meetup Group

Shenzhen  Robotics  Meetup  Kickoff  Meeting February  20, 2019 Prime Robotics has founded the Shenzhen Robotics Meetup group and hosted our kickoff meeting on February 20, 2019  at our office in Shenzhen.  Our guest speaker was previous DARPA Grand Challenge participant Mark Baybutt.   Mark shared with the group his views of current and future trends in […]

Prime Robotics Announces Successful Warehouse Robotic System Deployment in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, CR., -March 26, 2019 – Today, Prime Robotics announces the successful deployment of its Mobile Shelf logistics robot system for a recently set up warehouse by Fordist Group in Prague, Czech Republic. Fordist, a leading third-party logistics provider in Europe chose automation as their core strategy to address the tight labor market, providing the […]

Prime Develops Mini-AMR Robot for Warehouses and Factories

Prime Develops Mini-AMR Robot for Warehouses and Factories Shenzhen, China September 26, 2018 At Prime we are proud to make fast efficient warehouse robots that drive 10X productivity improvements for workers. Until today, we had two sizes of warehouse robots. The M100 can carry loads up to 500kg (1,100 lbs) and the M200 can carry […]

New Robot R&D Center in Shenzhen, China

Prime Robotics proudly announces the opening of a new robot R&D center in Shenzhen, China. We design and manufacture robots for the logistics industry. Specifically, we make goods-to-man robots for use in warehouses. Business is brisk and we are even getting many requests from manufacturers to modify our robots for use in factories. In order to […]

Prime Robotics Announces Warehouse and Logistics Robotic System

Denver, CO., -November 30, 2017 – Today, Prime Robotics Inc. unveiled its integrated warehouse robotics solution at the grand opening of its new showroom in Denver, Colorado. Since logistics robots are able to deliver cost savings of 70% or more for warehouse operations, the market is expected to grow to $22.4 billion by 2021.  Early adopters […]