Benefits of Leasing For Warehouse Automation

by Nate Aswege
December 12, 2022

Leasing Automation

The global Warehousing supply chain, E-Commerce facilities and even Manufacturing is facing extreme pressure to perform efficiently and accurately to meet current demand. With warehouse automation, companies can increase their productivity and alleviate the potential for mistakes and human error. The rising cost of human labor and increasingly high demand for same day deliveries are forcing companies to adapt if they want to succeed. This is where warehouse automation steps in.  

While warehouse automation may seem like a daunting investment, there are many ways to incorporate the technology into your company’s manufacturing, storage, picking, and more. End-to-end automation solutions from Prime Robotics offer increased accuracy, speed, and efficiency: 

  1. 99% pick accuracy 
  1. 300 average picks per hour 
  1. 3 levels of inventory accuracy per pick 
  1. 8 simultaneous pick slot capacity 
  1. 3 pallets processed simultaneously per station 

This technology lowers operating costs while eliminating mistakes from picking and human error. Let’s dive into the benefits of leasing warehouse automation to help your company thrive with efficiency, speed, and accuracy.  

Ways To Purchase 

Knowing the benefits of warehouse automation and figuring out the finances behind acquiring it for your company are two separate things. There are quite a few ways to invest in warehouse automation. Finding the best option for acquiring automation solutions, whether it be leasing or buying, depends on what is best for your business’s financial specifics.  

Prime Robotics uses RaaS financing to find the best financing option for automation for warehouses, e-commerce, and factories. Whether you lease or purchase, Prime Robotics offers 24/7 customer support, maintenance, and onsite upkeep. Here are a few ways to purchase and finance warehouse automation: 


Capital Expenditure is a great way to invest in the future of your company by purchasing warehouse automation. The ROI for warehouse automation is worth the investment.  


Prime Robotics offers flexible financing options for small to medium-sized businesses to help them incorporate warehouse automation. You’ll start to experience the ROI immediately with lower operating costs and eliminating picking errors.   

Benefits Of Leasing 

Leasing warehouse automation solutions with Prime Robotics gives you the benefits of the technology without the commitment of purchasing outright. With our extensive financing options, you can set term lengths and benefit from low capital requirements for leasing. Qualifying for financing is easy and allows you to start experiencing the immediate ROI from warehouse automation. Our RaaS financing options offer flexible terms and negotiation as well as the best possible rates with Prime Robotics lease partners.  

We strive to make our leasing options easy to navigate and understand. Our leasing and financing options are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking to experience the benefits of lower operating costs and 99% picking accuracy with end-to-end automation.   

Get Premier Warehouse Automation With Flexible Financing 

Ready to start optimizing each step of your manufacturing with end-to-end automation? Prime Robotics has the knowledge and expertise to customize and tailor-fit automation solutions for your company, e-commerce, or factory. Our warehouse automation solutions cover receiving, putting away, storage, picking, packing, and shipping. The experienced and creative team at Prime Robotics can help you automate your entire operation. Contact us today to start accelerating your workflow with flexible financing options for end-to-end automation. 

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