Announcing the Auto Shelf


Prime Robotics Launches the Auto Shelf, A Revolutionary Robotics Platform for Warehouses

Atlanta, GA -March 9, 2020 – Today Prime Robotics launched a revolutionary new warehouse robot platform called Auto Shelf.  The Auto Shelf overcomes the inherent compromises of other autonomous mobile robot (AMR) systems due to its fully patented design that integrates a mobile robot with every shelf in the system.

These smart, autonomous shelves provide for greater productivity versus previous goods-to-person AMR solutions because they eliminate dwell time in which workers are waiting for a handful of mobile robots to bring moveable shelves/racks to them at a pick station. Each Auto Shelf also has integrated lights to provide pick-to -light functionality.

While goods-to-person AMRs reduce travel versus manual order picking because the worker stays stationary and the robots bring inventory to them.  The downfall for most existing goods-to-person AMR deployments is that they have a limited number of robots to transport dumb racks. Because there are a limited number of robots, the intelligence is built into the servers controlling the robots to optimize the location of items to reduce the number of missions the robots need to perform and shorten the distance on the fastest moving items.

“Auto Shelf turns this paradigm on its head by making every shelf a robot that has intelligence and can interact directly with workers,” says Eric Rongley, CEO and founder of Prime Robotics.  “Since every shelf is smart and can move, there is never dwell time.”

“While the first version of the Auto Shelf will be highly productive, the inherent form factor and design provide a platform that will be extended and take on functions and capabilities that no other warehouse robot can accomplish,” adds Rongley.

“The Auto Shelf represents a paradigm shift that will change how inventory is handled,” says Rongley.  “Just as importantly, because Prime Robotics has created a unique new robotic platform and patented all aspects of warehouse and other use cases, large customers can deploy the system with confidence that not only do they have the most efficient robot system, but also that the intellectual property of the robot is clean.”

Prime is launching the Auto Shelf at the MODEX trade show in Atlanta on March 9 and will start taking orders for implementations beginning in Q2 of 2020.

About Prime Robotics

Prime Robotics produces robots for logistics and manufacturing customers.  Prime’s first-generation robots, called Mobile Shelf have been fully tested and in operation for over a year with various customers.  Prime is bringing to market its second-generation robots that will revolutionize supply chains and will be produced at its Denver factory. Prime aims to produce a portfolio of robots that collaborate with each other to fulfill all of the needs within a warehouse to one day achieve a “lights out” facility.  Prime has offices in Denver, Colorado and in Shenzhen, China.

Prime Hosts First Meeting for Shenzhen Robotics Meetup Group

Shenzhen  Robotics  Meetup  Kickoff  Meeting

February  20, 2019

Prime Robotics has founded the Shenzhen Robotics Meetup group and hosted our kickoff meeting on February 20, 2019  at our office in Shenzhen.  Our guest speaker was previous DARPA Grand Challenge participant Mark Baybutt.   Mark shared with the group his views of current and future trends in the autonomous driving robot space.

We also provided a demonstration of  Prime’s Mobile Shelf warehouse robots and opened one up to discuss the various parts and components with the group.

We also discussed plans for the meetup group and solicited ideas for future events.  The plan is to organize one event every two months and to find interesting speakers who can share good topics for the group.  We had suggestions to connect up with the Maker group in Shenzhen’s  Huaquiang Bei and to see if there is cross-interest and cooperation opportunities among members.

This being the first Meetup for the group,  attendance was small, just  8 people,  and we hope to attract a larger group to future events. If anyone has ideas for topics or speaker suggestions please reach out to our meetup site and connect.

People interested  in participating are invited to  join up at:

We are hoping to create the next event in May or June of 2019.

Prime Develops Mini-AMR Robot for Warehouses and Factories

Prime Develops Mini-AMR Robot for Warehouses and Factories

Shenzhen, China September 26, 2018

At Prime we are proud to make fast efficient warehouse robots that drive 10X productivity improvements for workers. Until today, we had two sizes of warehouse robots. The M100 can carry loads up to 500kg (1,100 lbs) and the M200 can carry loads up to 1,000kg (2,200 lbs). Robotic warehouses can enjoy operational savings of 80% or more by deploying these robots.

However, some warehouse and factory customers have asked for a smaller version of the robots for various use cases. Today we are happy to announce our fast innovating teams are ready to bring the M50 robot to market. The M50 is a small AMR robot that carries loads up to 100Kg (220 lbs) and can move faster. The M100 robots move at speeds of 1.5 meters per second safely, while the M50 cruises at 2 meters per second.

The M50 is ideal for carrying single totes and can work in combination with the M100 and M200 to further automate warehouse operations.

The M50 is available for purchase from October 1, 2018. Contact us for more information.

Stay tuned for future innovations across our robot product line.

New Robot R&D Center in Shenzhen, China

Warehouse Robot with Rack

Prime Robotics proudly announces the opening of a new robot R&D center in Shenzhen, China. We design and manufacture robots for the logistics industry. Specifically, we make goods-to-man robots for use in warehouses. Business is brisk and we are even getting many requests from manufacturers to modify our robots for use in factories.

In order to meet this need, we are expanding our engineering teams both in the US and now opening our first overseas office in Shenzhen China. Prime’s CEO, Eric Rongley, has announced that we will be staffing up 40 R&D engineers in Shenzhen by the end of 2018. From there we expect to keep seeing substantial growth at both our Denver and Shenzhen centers throughout 2019. Later, we plan to open a software development center in Eastern Europe by the end of 2019.

We will be hiring the full engineering stack at your Shenzhen robotic development center. From electrical, to mechanical engineering to software engineers and SLAM researchers. We especially need experience in Warehouse Management Systems, like JDA, Manhattan Associates, High Jump and others.  If you are interested in joining a dynamic robotics development team, contact us now.

This is good news for our customers, associates, and partners as we scale up our robotics business to meet demand for robots around the World.