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Prime Robotics Launches the Auto Shelf, A Revolutionary Robotics Platform for Warehouses

Atlanta, GA -March 9, 2020 – Today Prime Robotics launched a revolutionary new warehouse robot platform called Auto Shelf.  The Auto Shelf overcomes the inherent compromises of other autonomous mobile robot (AMR) systems due to its fully patented design that integrates a mobile robot with every shelf in the system.

These smart, autonomous shelves provide for greater productivity versus previous goods-to-person AMR solutions because they eliminate dwell time in which workers are waiting for a handful of mobile robots to bring moveable shelves/racks to them at a pick station. Each Auto Shelf also has integrated lights to provide pick-to -light functionality.

While goods-to-person AMRs reduce travel versus manual order picking because the worker stays stationary and the robots bring inventory to them.  The downfall for most existing goods-to-person AMR deployments is that they have a limited number of robots to transport dumb racks. Because there are a limited number of robots, the intelligence is built into the servers controlling the robots to optimize the location of items to reduce the number of missions the robots need to perform and shorten the distance on the fastest moving items.

“Auto Shelf turns this paradigm on its head by making every shelf a robot that has intelligence and can interact directly with workers,” says Eric Rongley, CEO and founder of Prime Robotics.  “Since every shelf is smart and can move, there is never dwell time.”

“While the first version of the Auto Shelf will be highly productive, the inherent form factor and design provide a platform that will be extended and take on functions and capabilities that no other warehouse robot can accomplish,” adds Rongley.

“The Auto Shelf represents a paradigm shift that will change how inventory is handled,” says Rongley.  “Just as importantly, because Prime Robotics has created a unique new robotic platform and patented all aspects of warehouse and other use cases, large customers can deploy the system with confidence that not only do they have the most efficient robot system, but also that the intellectual property of the robot is clean.”

Prime is launching the Auto Shelf at the MODEX trade show in Atlanta on March 9 and will start taking orders for implementations beginning in Q2 of 2020.

About Prime Robotics

Prime Robotics produces robots for logistics and manufacturing customers.  Prime’s first-generation robots, called Mobile Shelf have been fully tested and in operation for over a year with various customers.  Prime is bringing to market its second-generation robots that will revolutionize supply chains and will be produced at its Denver factory. Prime aims to produce a portfolio of robots that collaborate with each other to fulfill all of the needs within a warehouse to one day achieve a “lights out” facility.  Prime has offices in Denver, Colorado and in Shenzhen, China.

Prime Robotics Announces Successful Warehouse Robotic System Deployment in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, CR., -March 26, 2019 – Today, Prime Robotics announces the successful deployment of its Mobile Shelf logistics robot system for a recently set up warehouse by Fordist Group in Prague, Czech Republic.

Fordist, a leading third-party logistics provider in Europe chose automation as their core strategy to address the tight labor market, providing the speed, flexibility, and precision to scale their operations.

“After searching the World for a suitable AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) system, we selected Prime Robotics, because of the robustness of their hardware platform and their pedigree building warehouse management software. “said Tomáš Kochaníček, CEO of Fordist Group.  “The Mobile Shelf has been running smoothly for more than 3 months and we have been impressed with the ease of use, the ten-fold increase in picking speeds of our warehouse workers and the excellent customer support from Prime.  We can now offer our customers a level of speed and efficiency that rivals Global market leaders.”

Prime implemented two models of its Mobile Shelf robots for Fordist: The T-1000 capable of carrying loads up to 500kg together with piece picking stations for small to medium sized inventory items. For larger items and bulk orders Prime deployed the T-2000 Mobile Shelf robots designed to carry pallets up to 1,000 kg along with a corresponding pallet pick station. A video of the T-2000 robots interacting with the pallet pick stations may be viewed at:

“Prime appreciates the opportunity to partner with Fordist to leverage our Mobile Shelf warehouse robots to gain a competitive advantage over their peers in central Europe. Integrating our Robot Control System with their in-house warehouse management system went smoothly thanks to their mature business processes and clear vision.”

About Prime Robotics

Founded in 2016, Prime Robotics spun out of Bleum, a leading software outsourcing firm focused on supply chain systems. Prime produces its Mobile Shelf robots for use in warehouses and is enhancing them for use in factories.  Prime has offices in Denver, Colorado and in Shenzhen, China.

About Fordist Group

Fordist is based in Prague Czech Republic and has two complimentary service lines. It has a direct B2C business called Nákupka and it also offers third party logistics to companies looking to outsource their fulfillment needs in central Europe.

Prime Media Contact:

Melissa Dong
Director, Strategic Marketing

Prime Robotics Announces Warehouse and Logistics Robotic System

Denver, CO., -November 30, 2017 – Today, Prime Robotics Inc. unveiled its integrated warehouse robotics solution at the grand opening of its new showroom in Denver, Colorado.

Since logistics robots are able to deliver cost savings of 70% or more for warehouse operations, the market is expected to grow to $22.4 billion by 2021.  Early adopters of logistics robots have found their benefits extend beyond cost savings, enabling greater agility to scale up and down operations to meet the ebbs and flows of demand, and significantly improving the speed and throughput of distribution centers.  Top retailers like Amazon have employed warehouse automation robots to dramatically accelerate the speed of their service while simultaneously reducing operating costs significantly.  Prime now brings this pioneering technology to everyone else.

Prime’s combination of extensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) product development experience and proficiency of warehouse operations have positioned the Company to create a robotic solution that dramatically improves the productivity of warehouse operations. 

“We are at the infancy of the robotics revolution and in supply chains they will drive down costs while enabling companies to provide faster service that enhances customer satisfaction,” said Eric Rongley, Chief Executive Officer, Prime. “The competitive advantage that robotic solutions like ours delivers will improve profitability of logistics operations by several orders of magnitude. The improvements to customer service and profitability are so substantial that every warehouse will need to employ them in order to remain competitive.”  For more information about the benefits of deploying warehouse robots, go to:

Prime’s logistics robotics system has recently completed operational testing and will soon be available to customers globally.  While manufacturing is initially being performed in China, Prime plans to move manufacturing for North American and European customers back to the USA in 2018 in order to be closer to clients and their needs.

About Prime Robotics

Founded in 2016, Prime Robotics spun out of Prime, a leading software outsourcing firm focused on supply chain systems. Prime produces its Mobile Shelf robots for use in warehouses and is enhancing them for use in factories.  Prime has offices in Denver, Colorado and in Shenzhen, China.

Prime Robotics Media Contact:

Melissa Dong
Director, Strategic Marketing