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Prime Robotics offers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end automation solutions for warehouse operations, including goods-to-person, pallet management, dynamic arm integration, and material handling—automating processes like receiving, put away, storing, picking, packing, and shipping.

By implementing an automation solution, warehouse operations will see reduced labor costs, increased productivity, and improved accuracy and efficiency—helping you achieve operational productivity, efficiency, and growth goals while improving customer satisfaction through faster and more accurate order fulfillment.


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From pallets and floor-loaded boxes to interpacks and eaches, Prime Robotics can automate your receiving operations to maximize flexible induction and management of all your SKUs. Receive, sort, and induct any product with our receive, piece pick, hybrid pick, and decanting stations. Intelligent sofrware integrates with your WMS, ERP, PLC, or any logistics management software to track, manage, and induct your SKUs with precision. Utilize Prime's AutoShelf™ to receive, manage, and fulfill your orders using a single AMR or shelf solution.

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Simplify your putaway operations while eliminating pick errors, keeping your warehouse organized and on track. Receive, sort, and induct any product with our receive, piece pick, hybrid pick, and decanting stations. Intelligent software allows you to manage and track any SKU or product, speeding up operations while maintaining an error-free inventory.

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From high-velocity picking to high-density pallet storage, Prime Robotics has the technology and hardware to maximize your warehouse and shelf space. Our MobileShelf enables you to induct and pick standard and high-velocity SKUs to meet your fulfillment deadlines, and you can track your entire pallet and shelf-SKU inventory from one single system of truth with our software solutions. Store your pallets on platforms or in high-density storage with our MobilePallet and AS/RS Rackbot automation solutions.

Universal API Integration


Are you missing shipping deadlines due to pick errors and labor turnover? Prime's pick automation solutions will reduce errors and supplement your workforce, saving you time and money throughout the fulfillment process. MobileShelf and MobilePallet are the premier goods-to-person picking AMRs for warehouse operations that want to future-proof their process for the demands of tomorrow. Prime Robotics' pick station and automation solutions will have you picking 300+ items or stacking 400+ boxes per hour with each station. Integrate our dynamic picking and palletizing robot arms to load and unload pallets and shelves faster and more efficiently.

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Packing & Shipping

Save time and fulfill more orders by managing your packaging and shipping operations with efficient first-in/last-out intelligent automation. Transport, stage, and prepare completed orders based on customized orders and preferences—all with a simple click of a button. Prepare, stage, and pick your orders in batches or create a custom workflow tailored to your business operations. Use our pack and shipping stations to dynamically choose and adjust the most efficient truck and route, prepare your orders, and send orders with time to spare.

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