Factory Robots

Factories have been automating with robots for decades.  First, there were stationary robots, essentially arms that could perform a specific task.  Then there were AGVs or automatic guided vehicles that would be used to move goods around a factory floor.  Like the arm robots used in assembly lines, AGVs could be good at performing a specific task, but they were not flexible and they were typically slow.

The use of robots in factories and warehouses are converging.  Warehouse robots that can plan their own paths and that move quickly offer greater flexibility and potential than traditional AGV’s.

At Prime, we have recognized the synergies between our Mobile Shelf robots and use cases in factories.  We are currently in the process of modifying our robots and our Robot Control System to handle the workflows that can add value to manufacturing operations.

Stay tuned here in the coming months for announcements about new derivatives of our Mobile Shelf robots for factories.  In the meantime, if you have a need for flexible robots like the mobile shelf and have ideas on how we can adapt them to suit your needs, reach out and start a dialogue with us.  By listening to our customers we will better be able to design the right product for the right problem.

At Prime, we believe that the innovative use of technology does not always mean technology for technology’s sake.  It means finding the best combination of available tools and methods to solve old problems in new ways.

Contact us and let us know how factory robots can help your employees be more productive and your business more responsive to your customers and the market.