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Just a Few of the Benefits
of the Prime Warehouse Robotics Suite

  • 10X Increase in pick speed. Up to 350 picks per hour for our Mobile Shelf products, and we are projecting up to 500 picks per hour for our Auto Shelf.
  • Reduce labor costs by up to 80%. Fewer people getting more done-reduce labor costs and fulfill higher demand.
  • 1-2 Year payback period. Quick implementation time and rapid operator training lead to swift initial value.
  • Up to 97% increase in pick accuracy. Pick accuracy increases customer satisfaction and lowers shrink.

Be the Most Cutting Edge Warehouse in Your Industry!

Prime Robotics provides a full suite of robotics your warehouse needs, purpose built to reach your goals. So no matter what you need, from manufacture to warehousing to the internal supply chain of large business, we can help you reach the ambitions of your business.