Mobile Shelf Robot Models

A Selection of Robot Models Even Goldilocks Would Envy

Prime has 3 versions of its basic Goods to Person robots to suit the needs of diverse warehouse operations. All models here are controlled by Prime’s proprietary Robot Control System (RCS) that interfaces seamlessly with all major Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Max Carrying Weight1, 100 Lbs. or 500KG
Max Speed2 m/s (9mph)
Battery Duration at Maximum Load8 Hours
Piece Picking Robot
Max Carrying Weight500kg (1100 lbs)
Max Speed1.5 m/s (6mph)
Battery Duration at Maximum Load8-10 Hours
Case/Pallet Picking Robot
Max Carrying Weight1,000 kg (2,200 lbs)
Max Speed1.3 m/s (5mph)
Battery Duration at Maximum Load7 Hours