Automated Pallet Handing Solutions

Our pallet handling robotic systems achieve more efficient, accurate, and predicatable warehouse operations—all while lowering your labor costs. Explore Prime's robotic palletizing arms, automated pallet movers, and more.


Case Picks Per Hour


Space Utilization


Replenish pallets


Pick Accuracy


Reduction in Labor Costs


Reduced Touches with Robotic Arm

Enhance your current workflows and processes with pallet automation solutions.

  • Receiving

    Streamline the intake of orders with flexible receiving options that integrate with your WMS.

    Pallet Mover
  • Decanting & Putaway

    Quickly and autonomously break down, reconcile and induct inbound orders into your system with adaptable decanting options.

    Pallet Mover
  • Case Picking

    Build mixed SKU or rainbow pallets 4X faster than with human workers alone with tailored pick station configurations.

    Pallet Mover
  • Staging & Marshalling

    Automate the staging process to minimize the need for human intervention and forklift operations.

    Pallet Mover
  • Cycle Count

    Effortlessly, continuously, and accurately audit inventory with sophisticated cycle-counting.

    Pallet Mover
  • Deep Storage

    Maximize your warehouse space with an AS/RS, allowing 3X more pallets within your existing footprint.

    Pallet Mover

Take your warehouse operations to the next level through seamless integration with your supporting workflows and processes.

  • Pallet Wrapping: Automate the pallet wrapping process with robots and free up forklift drivers for more important tasks.

  • Print & Apply: Apply LPN and shipping labels to pallets automatically, ensuring every pallet is accurately marked and easy to identify as they depart the wrapping station.

  • Delivery Routes: Strategically stage pallets using LIFO and ensure efficient route completion.

  • QA Inspection & Holding: Gain control of placing products on hold and leverage various strategies for inspecting inbound inventory—all synced with your upstream systems.

  • Pallet Removal & Recycle: Utilize robotic systems to reduce forklift and human bottlenecks traditionally formed when receiving, restocking and removing pallets from the pick station.

  • Transfer In / Out: Handle your exceptions with easy to learn and easy-to-use software.

Explore our high-impact robots for efficient pallet operations

  • MobilePallet

    Fast & nimble pallet AMR suitable for any warehouse layout:

    • Lifts up to 4,400 lbs.

    • Operates 10-12 hours per battery charge

    • Drives up to 2.7 MPH

    • Communicates via WiFi network

    • Laser obstacle avoidance for safety

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    warehouse robot to move pallets
  • Cold MobilePallet

    Pallet AMR adapted for cold temperature storage operations:

    • Lifts up to 4,400 lbs.

    • Operates 6-8 hours per battery charge

    • Recharges in cold environment

    • Operates as low as -20°F

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    robots to move racks and shelves in cold warehouses
  • RackBot

    Advanced pallet AS/RS with 3D capabilities for high-density warehouses:

    • Lifts up to 3,500 lbs.

    • Operates ~8 hours per battery charge

    • Triple your warehouse storage by building vertically

    • Navigates by rail markers

    • Communicates with military-grade network

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    warehouse robot to move racks and shelves
  • Robotic Arm

    High-speed picking arm for lifting, moving, and placing goods onto pallets:

    • Picks up to 900 cases per hour

    • Executes multi-SKU and multi-case picking

    • Interfaces with pallet-moving AMRs

    • Offers integrated custom stack patterns

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    Robotic Arm to pick items from shelves and pallets

Simple Software for Seamlessly Integrated Robotic Systems

Our user-friendly software is simple and easy to learn, allowing your staff to quickly integrate usage into their day-to-day tasks and complete picks quickly and accurately.

  • Prime Management Console

    • Customize system configurations

    • Create unique user settings

    • Identify inbound and outbound orders

    • Adjust operational settings in real time

    screenshot of the Prime Management Console
  • Floor Manager

    • Access and customize operational and human-performance efficiency reports

    • Control fleet of robots

    • Monitor your entire automated floor plan anytime, anywhere

    screenshot of the Floor Manager
  • Workflow Builder

    • Create new workflow movements

    • Modify existing missions

    • Scale robot quantity and type

    screenshot of the Workflow Builder
  • Robot Control System

    • Manage Prime robots with flexible, customized automation software

    • Generate missions

    • Perform path planning and traffic routing

    screenshot of the Robot Control System

Enhance your current workflows and processes with pallet automation solutions.

Prime's software acts as the glue for your warehouse operations, seamlessly integrating with other business systems and devices to enhance workflows and maximize throughput.

  • Pallet Wrapping

    Optimize efficiency, increase workplace safety, save time and costs, and protect your inventory with an integrated automated pallet stretch wrapping solution.

    • Wrap up to 50 pallets per hour

    • Automate a labor-intensive, tedious task

    • Increase throughput by 67%

    • Reduce inventory loss during the shipping process

    robotic pallet syste
  • Print & Apply

    Apply LPN and shipping labels to pallets automatically, ensuring accurate identification as they depart the wrapping station.

    • Improve accuracy and identification of inventory

    • Protect against product degradation

    • Minimize delays in the wrapping process

    Pallet Mover
  • Shipping Providers

    Seamless integrations for cartons and LTL, along with a restful API that enables quick connections with other primary service providers.

    • World Wide Express

    • UPS

    • FedEx

    • And more

    Pallet Mover
  • WMS

    API allows smooth integrations with various in-house systems, as well as all major WMS:

    • Softeon

    • SAP

    • ASC

    • Synapse

    • And more

    Pallet Mover
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