Automated Warehouse Picking & Packing

Intelligent & Efficient Picking to Scale Your Operation

Automated Warehouse Picking

Prime Robotics is an industry leader in providing efficient and scalable solutions for goods-to-person warehouse picking and packing. Our MobileShelf AMR and piece pick station solutions can achieve over 350 picks per hour while eliminating pick errors from your operations. With Prime’s warehouse and e-commerce pick solutions, your team will benefit from intelligent and efficient pick operations that save you time and money, enabling you to scale your operation for future growth and flexibility.


Pick Accuracy


Average Picks
Per Hour


Levels of Inventory Accuracy Per Pick


Simultaneous Pick Slot Capability


Average Space Efficiency Increase

Birds Eye floorplan automation

Scale & Optimize

Future-proof your warehouse operation for tomorrow's market demand with MobileShelf pick and pack robots. Save time and money instantly with pick and pack automation so your employees can focus on more critical tasks.

Automation Dashboard

Efficient & Effective

Achieve 300+ picks per hour with our MobileShelf robots and piece pick station solutions. Eliminate both pick errors and redundant walking with MobileShelf.

Automation Dashboard

Optimize & Customize

Induct multiple types of delivery SKUs via pallets, boxes, totes, interpacks, eaches, or cartons with Prime's hybrid pick and pallet station solutions. Manage up to 1,100 pounds of product with MobileShelf, or up to 4,400 pounds with MobilePallet solutions.

Universal API Integration

Intelligent & Simple

Leverage a single software system to manage all your warehouse and e-commerce pallet operations. Our software is intelligent and simple to use, so your team can start realizing better pick operators immediately.

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