Piece Pick Station

The Piece Pick Station is the central part of the Mobile Shelf system.  It can be configured with 1 or 2 order racks.  Each order rack can process 12 orders simultaneously.  Each level of the order rack has 4 put-to-light bump bar buttons that provide direction and quantity information to the picker.  The Piece Pick Station can be configured to have printers for Shipping List or Waybills, depending upon your workflow.  There is also a laser mounted above the pick station that points to the slot in the Mobile Shelf rack that the picker should put or pick an item from.  We can also integrate a counting scale for large quantity picks like screws.

Included with each basic Piece Pick station are:

  1. 1 PC with touchscreen monitor
  2. 1 Order rack with put-to-light bump bars
  3. 1 bar code scanner
  4. 1 Pick-to-light laser pointer
  5. Emergency cutoff switch

Optional Items are:

  1. Second Order Rack with put-to-light bump bars
  2. Counting Scale
  3. Raised floor platform