Prime Robotics Building its U.S.-Made Robots in its New Denver Manufacturing Facility

September 20, 2020

Denver, CO, Sep. 20, 2020 –Prime Robotics announced that its new Denver Robot Design and Manufacturing facility is fully operational, and all Prime Robotics robots will be developed and assembled onsite. Prime Robotics is an innovator in the warehouse robotics industry specializing in AMR robotic solutions designed for optimizing warehouse workflows to provide up to 8-10x higher productivity by adding robots to critical processes that can be dramatically improved with automation.

Prime Robotics provides specialized robotics solutions for industries including e-commerce fulfillment facilities, retail warehouses, convenience store distributors, grocery distributors, and manufacturing are available today. The company’s facility also includes a fully-operational warehouse environment in which its robots are deployed today for both in-environment robot testing and real-world customer demonstrations.

Prime Robotics’ CEO and Founder, Eric Rongley sees having everything under one roof as a significant advantage. “Every day we work where we are developing, iterating, assembling, and evaluating our robots in our warehouse, complete with shelves stocked with inventory and picking stations – all within our corporate headquarters. It’s inspiring for me as an innovator to watch every stage of the robot-building process.”

Denver is a geographically good location for manufacturing robots built for U.S. customers, with major transportation connections converging here. Prime Robotics is using the proximity to railroad transportation to its advantage. “Robots are big, heavy equipment, and shipping costs to deliver eight or ten or dozens of them to a customer site is a huge expense. So we’re taking advantage of the fact that our headquarters is just off the rail line that comes through Denver to transport our customer robots by rail directly from this facility,” says Rongley.

The MobileShelfTM robot is core to warehouse automation – it brings a shelf of inventory to a worker at a pick station to fill an order. This allows workers who usually walk the inventory shelves picking items to remain stationary as inventory comes to them. MobilePalletTM is a powerful addition to a warehouse – a forklift can take palleted goods from a truck and load them on the MobilePallet, which can then autonomously move the pallet through the warehouse without supervision.

Prime Robotics has U.S. robot deployments today but is gaining interest from European warehouse operators. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an incredible shift in the warehouse and fulfillment world. This unprecedented shift to online shopping has warehouse operations around the world struggling to keep up with the heightened demand.

“Most warehouse operators were aware of robotic automation before this worldwide event, but now they are being pressed to find ways to scale their operations – and work with a limited workforce – so robotic automation has become a new priority,” says Rongley. In fact, robotic warehouse automation is within reach of many warehouse operators from a cost standpoint, yet many believe the cost would be too high. “Our goal is to make robotic automation much more accessible to midsize warehouses so they can take advantage of the technology to scale their capacity – this new level of online buying is likely here to stay,” says Rongley.

A Prime Robotics robot implementation can be completed in as few as 90 days.

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