E-Commerce Distribution Company Increases Orders Fulfilled by 400% In the First Month of Prime Robotics Deployment

May 15, 2020

Denver, CO, May 15, 2020–Prime Robotics announced the successful deployment of its robotic automation warehouse solution at a leading e-commerce company, McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies. In month one, the company’s distribution center increased order fulfillment velocity by 400 percent to scale to meet its growing sales without adding to its workforce.

Warehouse robotics builder Prime Robotics, based in Denver, Colorado, designs best-in-class robotic automation solutions for midsize and large warehouse operations. Prime’s robots increase warehouse productivity by up to 8 to 10x when compared to manual order picking.

McDonald’s President Eugene Khorosh said they were lucky to have robots in place in March 2020. “When COVID hit, sales for items such as cleaning supplies and safety equipment went through the roof. With our Prime Robotics robots in place, we easily scaled our Philadelphia distribution center to fulfill more than 1,000 orders a day without hiring more workers. Hiring would have been impossible at the height of the outbreak,” says Khorosh.

The McDonald implementation in January 2020 was completed in two weeks. It included Prime Robotics’ MobileShelf AMRs, Pick Stations, robot recharging stations, and integration with McDonald’s order management (OMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. In addition, it included Prime’s own user-friendly Robot Control System (RCS) that makes reconfiguring robot workflows and scaling on-demand quick and easy.

“I realized right away I was in capable hands. The Prime Robotics team opened my eyes and showed me what was possible. They dug into my operation and got to know it inside and out. My biggest fear was that it wouldn’t work for us. Our operation has many quirks, but it integrated easily with all the systems I already had,” says Khorosh. “Prime’s 24/7 customer support is unmatched, and there’s a real person who is always monitoring every robot—which gives me a lot of peace of mind.”

At a time when warehouse operators are facing the imperative ‘automate or die,’ Prime Robotics is seen as a trusted automation partner. “We help companies that may lack a bench of in-house optimization and automation experts to punch above their weight,” says Eric Rongley, Prime Robotics’ Founder and CEO. “We are helping companies, like McDonald, win big as e-commerce is having unprecedented growth.”

Prime Robotics has deep expertise in warehouse optimization, and its consultative, full-view approach focuses on optimizing workflow processes across the warehouse. Today their MobilePallet™ robot can move over 3,000 lbs. of palleted goods through the warehouse unmanned, and many more products are in development now for 2021 availability. Constantly innovating, the AutoShelfTM, a self-driving robot that can autonomously navigate truck loading and unloading, is in the works now.

About Prime Robotics
Founded in 2015, Prime Robotics is an automation company that provides hardware, software, service, and support solutions for the Distribution, Warehouse, and E-Commerce industries. Our automation tools empower companies to accelerate and optimize their entire value chain, saving time and money at every stage of the process. Prime Robotics is based in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit www.primerobotics.com


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