Fast, Automatic Charging to Keep Your Robots Active

The Mobile Shelf may not take lunch and cigarette breaks, but it does need to recharge from time to time. Because it is able to navigate on its own, the Mobile Shelf can find its own way to the recharge stations that you place around the periphery of your warehouse.

Voltage110V / DC 54.6V 15A
T-1000 Battery Capacity48V 30 Ah
T-2000 Batter Capacity48V 35 Ah
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Temp Range0-150° F
Sound Level65db

The recharge stations can have a fast charge cycle that can bring  your robots back up to an 80% charge in 45 minutes.  At least once per week the RCS will assign a robot to do  a deep charge at one  of the recharge  stations to take it all the way to 100% charge, which takes  about 2 hours.