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Imagine a 24/7 Workforce…

Prime Robotics solutions allow clients to drastically reduce overhead costs, control and manage labor, and provide a 24/7 workforce for warehouse, E-Commerce, and Distribution companies. Check out this video to learn more!

MobilePallet Lift up to 4,000 Pounds!

Prime Robotics MobilePallet solutions allow clients to dramatically increases productivity by reducing the number of human touches required when a pallet arrives at the warehouse.  Trucks can load and unload faster, pallets can be moved into inventory faster!

Prime Robotics Cold-Climate Test In -5 Degrees Fahrenheit

Our latest videos demonstrates the Prime Robotics MobileShelf and MobilePallet platform running over a period of 3 days in -5 Degrees Fahrenheit. Tested August, 2022

Autoshelf Improving Revenue & Reducing Costs

The Autonomous Shelf is a smart, autonomous warehouse robot that can take your inventory virtually anywhere. The journey can move from the truck to the warehouse, to the trailer, and then to a store floor where shoppers can select an item. AutoShelf is an intermodal transportation system that eliminates many steps in the supply chain to reduce the number of human touches, save time and drive efficiency.

McP Pick Station Dancing Shelves

This video shows the Mobile Shelf warehouse robots doing their dance in front of a pick station. This is a customer site in Philadelphia. This video was made during one of their first inbounding sessions getting the inventory into the system.


Driving Opportunity with RaaS

Robotics as a Service (RaaS) is a flexible approach for small and medium-sized warehouse companies to start leveraging robotic automation immediately and affordably.

8 Concepts for Automation Success

A great read to help Warehouse and fulfillment professionals learn more about the value of Automation and getting prepared to evolve for the market demands of tomorrow.

Case Studies

McDonald Paper

“Just as the new warehouse was opening up and I was turning on the Prime Robotics system, COVID-19 hit. Online sales went through the roof and I had no way to hire additional labor. After 2 weeks, the automation system helped me scale from 0 to 1,000 orders per day. The cost and deployment was easy, it’s hard to comprehend why I didn’t make the transition years ago.”
Eugene Khorosh
Founder & President
McDonald Paper

Allen Distribution

“We’ve had a long relationship with prime Robotics, from exploring ideas to implementation and beyond. Our teams love working with the robots, and training is so much easier for new hires now.”
Jeremy Bonebrake
Warehouse Improvement Specialist
Allen Distribution

Data Sheets


RackBot is a leading choice for moving pallets in a high-density storage in AS/RS system and is designed to move pallets weighing up to 3,000 lbs.

Dynamic Arm

The Dynamic Pick and Palletizing Arm is a versatile, high-speed solution that is capable of multi-box custom stack pattern picking and picks cases at a rate of up to 900+ per hour.


MobilePallet is one of today’s most rugged and durable AMRs for pallet and material handling. It’s maximum payload of 4,400 lbs. makes it ideal for even the most challenging projects.


Our innovative MobileShelf G2P AMR and piece pick stations can deliver up to 350+ picks per hour while significantly improving order throughput and accuracy.

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