Warehouse Robot Videos

Experienced warehouse operators will understand the value of the Mobile Shelf immediately when they see the system in action. While picking speed is the critical driver for the value of warehouse robots, the specifications alone cannot give you a complete feel for how powerful the system is.

In the meantime, if you would like to see more of the Mobile Shelf in action right now, feel free to browse the videos below that demonstrate different aspects of the system.

Outbound Order Demonstration

This is a narrated video of the Mobile Shelf performing an outbound order.  The video explains how the system works, the basic benefits of the Mobile Shelf warehouse robots and shows one dock at a recharge station.

Mobile Shelf Safety Features

This is a narrated video demonstrating the safety features that are built into the Mobile Shelf warehouse robotic system.  It explains the Mobile Shelf’s main obstacle avoidance sensor called LiDar.  It also shows how accurately the Mobile Shelf can plan its path and those of your human operators.

Recharge Station Demonstration

This is a short video with subtitles showing how the Mobile Shelf docks and undocks with its fast charging recharge station.

European Warehouse Robots Dispatching

This video shows Mobile Shelf robots being dispatched for an outbound order mission at a warehouse in Europe

Basic Inbound Order

This video shows a close up of a picker doing putaway on an inbound order.  It shows the laser pointer directing the picker to put away the item in the slot that the system selected.

Basic Outbound Order

This video shows a close up of an outbound order being picked.  You can see the pick-to-light guidance being provided by the laser pointer.  Once picked the intelligent bump bar provides put-to-light guidance to the picker where to place the item on the order rack in the tote for the end customer’s order.

Traffic Management in a Tightly Packed Warehouse

This video shows how the robots fetch robots and take them out of the storage area.  One can see the robots managing their traffic down a narrow aisle where multiple robots are fetching racks.