Transform Warehouse Picking with Prime’s Shelf-Moving Robot

MobileShelf is the ideal goods-to-person solution for streamlining picking and packing in retail and e-commerce warehouses.

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Shelf Moving Robot,Shelf Robot,warehouse picking robots
  • Optimized Operations: MobileShelf streamlines the picking, packing, and transporting of goods with payloads up to 1,110 lbs.

  • Flexible Configurations: MobileShelf handles everything from totes and bins to bulk containers and cases, allowing maximum flexibility and scalability.

  • Advanced Navigation: Using QR code or SLAM navigation methods, MobileShelf charts the most efficient path through the warehouse and enables faster order fulfillment.

  • Improved Accuracy: MobileShelf automates the picking of eaches and cases, minimizing product touches and human error.

  • Safety and Reliability: Built with state-of-the-art safety features and LiDAR sensors, MobileShelf reduces the risk of accidents and ensures the safety of human workers.

  • Seamless Integrations: MobileShelf is powered by robust software that integrates with a variety of pick and pack stations, warehouse management systems (WMS), and other automated solutions to maximize productivity.

Shelf Moving Robot,Shelf Robot,warehouse picking robots

Automate pick and pack workflows in your warehouse. 

MobileShelf automates critical inbound and outbound warehouse processes, from picking totes to packing cases for shipping. Powered by advanced software and G2P technology, MobileShelf optimizes workflows and facilitates fast and accurate order fulfillment. 

    - Receiving
    - Decanting & putaway
    - Picking
    - Packing
    - Staging & marshalling
    - Shipping & delivery
Shelf Moving Robot,Shelf Robot,warehouse picking robots

Why MobileShelf?

    Reduce operating costs
    Optimize labor, improve efficiency, and save costs

    Achieve 99.9% picking accuracy
    Minimize errors with 3 levels of inventory accuracy per pick

    Boost throughput and fulfillment
    Process more orders per shift with 8 simultaneous pick slot capability

    Accelerate picking speeds
    Complete over 350 picks per hour

    Operate a top-performing facility
    Meet the SLAs and cycle times of major retail distributors
Shelf Moving Robot,Shelf Robot,warehouse picking robots
Shelf Moving Robot,Shelf Robot,warehouse picking robots

MobileShelf seamlessly integrates with other robots, systems, and people.

  • Orchestrated Automation

    Integrated Warehouse Systems

  • Pick Stations

    All Major WMS

  • Pack Stations

    Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

  • Pallet-Moving Robots

    Cubiscan Dimensioning Systems

  • And More

    Shipping and Courier Software


    And More

Shelf Moving Robot,Shelf Robot,warehouse picking robots
Shelf Moving Robot,Shelf Robot,warehouse picking robots

Key Capabilities and Specifications

  • Dimensions (LxWxH)

    37 x 30 x 9 in. / 940 x 762 x 228 mm

  • Vehicle Weight

    463 lbs. / 210 kg

  • Max Payload

    1,100 lbs. / 500 kg

  • Max Speed

    3 mph / 1.3 m/s

  • Navigation

    QR Code + IMU or SLAM

  • Safety

    2D LiDAR, Bumpers, Emergency Stop Button

  • Run Time

    ~10 hrs.

  • Charge Time

    <2 hrs.

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