Selecting The Right Automation Partner 

by Nate Aswege
January 10, 2023

Prime Robotics is the right automation partner

With the demand growth for end-to-end automation, choosing the right automation partner is incredibly important. An increasing number of warehouses are looking to automation for increased efficiency and productivity while simultaneously decreasing the number of errors that occur during the truck-to-trailer process. While automation is the next step for the warehouse industry to meet the growing demands of the industry, choosing the wrong automation partner can lead to a series of frustrations and headaches. End-to-end automation is meant to make the entire warehouse process easier and the partner you choose should mirror this sentiment.  

The Value Of “Partnership” In Automation 

Partnership in automation goes beyond the technology itself. The value of partnership comes from working with a company that offers the collaboration, quality, transparency, and respect needed to thrive with end-to-end automation. With Prime Robotics, these very attributes make up our values as a company. We take the quality and innovation of our automation solutions and bring it to our interactions and partnerships with the warehouses themselves. Here is what you get when you choose Prime Robotics as your partner in automation.  


While end-to-end automation is ideal for decreasing errors and increasing efficiency, it doesn’t meet the needs of each warehouse. We offer flexibility at Prime Robotics and have many automation solutions for you to choose from. This customization aspect ensures that you are getting the most from automation based on the unique needs of your facilities. With flexible and customizable options available through our software, Prime Robotics tailors the technology to serve your warehouse best and help your business thrive.  


As with any technology and investment into a business, you want to ensure it is reliable. Reliability goes beyond the technology itself. It extends to the service and respect experienced in all interactions with your automation partner. At Prime Robotics, our technology and team are in it for the long haul. Our material handling and pallet-moving robots are manufactured and supported in the United States. Prime Robotics warehouse robots are built like a tank for toughness and durability to provide the best ROI to help you save time and money on operating costs.  


Investing in a business is a big decision and finding affordable options and financing can make all the difference in choosing to upgrade to robotic warehouse automation solutions. We know how important it is to meet ROI requirements for all Prime Robotic clients. This is why we offer Raas solutions for leasing and financing warehouse robotics for end-to-end automation. With easy-to-navigate and flexible options for leasing, Raas solutions are ideal for small to medium-sized operations looking to automate. Our 24/7 customer service team is here for every client regardless of whether they finance, purchase, or lease from Prime Robotics.  

Solution Focused  

With the CEO and Vice President of Prime Robotics sharing a combined 38+ years in the industry, our team is founded on expertise and experience to offer tailored solutions for each warehouse client seeking to incorporate automation into their business. Included in this experience is time spent supplying enterprise-class supply chain, warehouse management, and e-commerce solutions for Fortune 5000 companies. Clients included industry giants like Walmart, Disney, Menards, and more.  

End-to-end automation covers every aspect of the process including receiving, put-away, storage, picking, packing, and shipping. Warehouses can also choose from picking, pallet management, and material handling based on the unique needs of their operations.  

The Time Is Now 

With many warehouses facing challenges from labor, operating costs, inefficiency, and errors, the time to automate is now. With Prime Robotics warehouse automation technology, you can simultaneously increase efficiency with machine capabilities of 300 picks per hour while decreasing errors with our technology’s 99% pick accuracy capabilities. The longer you wait to automate, the more money you lose. Face the challenges of the growing warehouse industry and thrive in your operations with Prime Robotics’ end-to-end automation solutions.  

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