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Warehouse Picking Software

Our Robotic Control Software (RCS) is designed to be flexible, robust, and customized to fit your operation and is the cornerstone of our automation intelligence and system delivery.

A sleek and professional user interface provides full coverage for our robots, Warehouse Management System (WMS), data platform, algorithm library, and APIs to ensure your system is fully integrated.

Robot Control System (RCS)

The Prime Robotics RCS is the heart of our software automation environment. With support for both local and cloud-based deployments, our artificial intelligence features include smart stowing for individual SKUs and shelves, cartonization, path planning, and mission generation, enabling a smarter operation that runs efficiently—increasing product and SKU throughput over time.

Prime Management Console (PMC)

Prime's PMC provides the ability to customize system configurations, create unique user settings, identify inbound and outbound orders, and adjust operational settings in real time. The PMC offers a simple and convenient dashboard for operational efficiency and better decision-making, making access to critical information and optimizing operations easier.

Warehouse Automation Software Features & Benefits

Floor Manager

Our floor manager offers a clean and easy-to-operate interface that enables you to access and customize operational and human-performance efficiency reports, control the fleet of robots, and monitor your entire automated floor plan in real time from anywhere.

Universal Warehouse API Integration

Our universal API integrates our software with any WMS, ERP, PLC, or management software. With our APIs, you can utilize a single system to automate and manage your entire operation, regardless of your WMS, in-house-developed system, ERP software, or anything in between. As a result, we can help you consolidate and transform your software system and operations to meet tomorrow's market demands.

Workflow Builder

Customizing your automation solution is essential to ensure it fits your unique business processes and workflow operations. With our workflow builder users can create new workflow movements, modify existing missions, and scale robot quantity and type anytime. The system allows users to edit and replace objects with ease.


Tracking key metrics is critical for improving operational efficiency. Our reporting tools allow users to easily monitor the entire database or focus on specific stations to track critical metrics. Users can use the standard reports or build customized reports based on system, robot, and people performance.

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