Autonomous Forklifts take pallets off of trucks and place on waiting Pallet Platforms


T-2000 Mobile Shelf robots pick up loaded pallet platforms and take to temporary storage


T-2000 robots bring loaded pallet platforms to sorting station to be broken down into shelves to be stored by T-1000


T-1000 robots bring shelves to Pick Station to fulfill outbound orders


T-500 robots take order totes away when the orders are completed


T-500 robots bring order totes to packing stations

The Mobile Shelf is a type of robot called Goods-to-Person (G2P). This kind of robot is also sometimes called an AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) or AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot).  Of all the robotics automation models available today, G2P is the most efficient from both cost savings and capital investment point of view.

The Mobile Shelf can reduce daily operating expenses in a warehouse by 80% and the system requires relatively low capital investment when compared to conveyors or other robotic automation systems. It is not unusual for the Mobile Shelf warehouse robots to pay for themselves in 6-12 months.

Because the Mobile Shelf is based on autonomous mobile robots (AMR), the system is easy to deploy and easy to scale up and down depending on your needs.

How it Works

In the Goods-to-Person model, the robots are designed to make your warehouse workers as productive as possible. Rather than your employees walking around your warehouse to pick items for an order, your inventory is stored in movable racks that can be picked up by our warehouse robots and brought to your pickers.  See video of  the Mobile Shelf win action.

After your picker picks the item being ordered, the Mobile Shelf robots returns the rack to the storage area and puts it down and is then ready for a new mission. By combining this basic model with intelligent software that becomes more efficient over time as it learns your operation the Mobile Shelf can make each of your warehouse employees 10 times more efficient.

The Mobile Shelf warehouse robots are always ready to work. When they run low on charge, they automatically dock at a recharge station to top off their battery ensuring they can always be assigned missions with a moment’s notice.

Covering the Full Warehouse Lifecycle

Prime has three models of the Mobile Shelf to handle all phases of the inventory lifecycle in your warehouse. The T-2000 is well suited to move the pallets after they come off the delivery trucks to put them into temporary storage while waiting for your employees to break them down and put into the Mobile Shelf storage area.

Once in the Mobile Shelf, your inventory is quickly available to be brought to a pick station for your employees to assemble your customers orders. The T-1000 combined with our Piece Picking Stations will help your employees achieve speeds of 500 or more picks per hour.

Once your orders are picked and complete, you can place the order totes on the C-500 Mobile Conveyors that can take it to your packing stations. After your packing and waybill affixing, the C-500 can also take the shipping package to bins for the appropriate courier.

For the moment your inventory arrives at your warehouse until it departs, the Mobile Shelf robots escort them along their way with speed and accuracy.

Seamless WMS Integration

Prime Robotics was born from Bleum, the outsourced software developer of JDA’s WMS for over a decade. Having built Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for leading software providers like JDA and 3PL (Third Party Logistics) companies in the US and Europe there are literally thousands of warehouses around the World running WMS’s built by Prime’s team.

That experience building software for the logistics industry results in us having a deep understanding of the needs and practices of warehouses and provided us the technical knowledge to design our system to interface seamlessly with modern WMS’s quickly.

In most cases our team can integrate the Mobile Shelf with your WMS in a matter of weeks by utilizing our flexible API interface.

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

The mobile Shelf is fast to deploy and easy for your staff to learn. All you need is a flat floor, normal power supply and an network connectivity. Prime supplies everything else you need and can bring it live quickly. We affix navigation codes to your floor, set up your map and then assemble the shelves and load your inventory. Within weeks you are ready to start processing inbound and outbound orders.

Once installed your employees will find it easy to learn how to use the system and quickly achieve picking speeds that are not possible with other robotic systems. Utilizing an intuitive software User Interface (UI) and a combination of Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light technologies, it is exceptionally easy for pickers to follow along the workflow.

Supporting your Performance

Prime’s leveraged its software building expertise to design a software architecture that is robust and easy to support. We are able to dial into your system and even each of your robots at any time of the day to help your team solve problems, or even step in to take action on their behalf. Using remote control architecture and video cameras located at each pick station, Prime’s remote support team can do everything your team needs except physically take inventory off of shelves.

After the warranty period customers may choose to continue remote support, onsite support, or both, depending on their needs.

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