Robotic Automation is Within Reach for Small and Medium-sized Warehouses

How Robotic Automation Improves Performance

  • Scale your business: Achieve higher throughput without adding workers or square footage.

  • 6-8X faster order picking process.

  • Dramatically improve order accuracy.

  • Reduce labor costs (hiring, training, absenteeism).

Did you know?

  • Over 90% of warehouse picking is currently done by hand?
  • The average cost of  labor is 60-80% of warehouse operating cost across the industry.

The Automation Category Known as Goods-to-Person (G2P) Robotics

There are 3 Types of Robots in this Category

 PA-AMR (Pick Assistant with an Automated Mobile Robot)

How it works: A ‘zone-picking’ robot drives around shelves waiting for a person to pick an item and put it on the robot. Then the robot transports the item to packaging.

Best for: Warehouses with large racks that don’t want to change their racking system.
Drawback: Low pick speed; about 100 picks/hr and worker walk among racks assisting the robot.

AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System)

How it works: The most complex, an AS/RS automates inbound crates and pallets, and then retrieves them for order picking.

Best for: Large new warehouses that want highest density possible. Walmart, grocery stores and large manufacturers use AS/RS.
Drawback: $4M+ depending on industry and volume. Inflexible: scaling requires buying another million dollar unit.

AMR (Automated Mobile Robot)

How it works: A Kiva-style robot (like those used at Amazon) moves the desired shelf/pod to a pick & pack station, where a worker picks an item and adds it to order bin. Multiple AMRs work simultaneously in a facility bringing items to pick & pack station.

Best for: Much faster than a PA-AMR and easily deployed in an existing warehouse. Very flexible, AMRs can support a fast changing warehouse/sorting spaces. Also allows for easier, more cost-efficient scaling as additional robots can be added at anytime.
Drawback: Must outfit the warehouse with shelves compatible with AMR selected.

Calculate your Topline Price and ROI

See the business impact of adding Prime Robotics’ MobileShelf automation robots (AMRs) to your warehouse


Ten data points to calculate cost & ROI

  1. Outbound orders/day
  2. Order lines shipped/day
  3. Inbound orders/day
  4. Order lines/day
  5. # SKU’s
  6. # total units in inventory
  7. # hours of operations/day
  8. # days worked/week
  9. How many shifts?
  10. Total square feet in inventory area

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An AMR Solution is a Good Fit for Many Small and Medium-sized Operations

Prime Robotics’ AMR, the Mobile Shelf, is ideal for companies that want to:

  • Increase revenue with the same warehouse footprint

  • Scale when high labor costs prevent additional hiring

  • Dramatically reduce operating costs

  • Automate a warehouse that’s about 10,000-50,000 square feet

Mobile Shelf fits how you do business

  • Works with virtually any internally-developed WMS
  • Integrates with most WMS, WOS and proprietary apps used in warehouse operations
  • Integrates with tools like SellerCloud

Implementation is fast

  • On-site deployment 100% complete in as little as 30 days
  • One-on-one onsite training

On-going support is built-in

  • 24-hour system monitoring alerts a Prime Robotics Performance Support expert in real time if there is an error warning.
  • Most issues are corrected before the customer knows there is a problem.

Prime Brings The Power of Robotic Automation to Small and Medium Sized Warehouses

Until now, the performance of robotic automation was only practical for the largest corporations. That’s because previous systems took armies of engineers to keep them running every day.  Prime has designed its warehouse robots to be simple and accessible to lean organizations. They can be deployed in warehouses as small as 10,000 square feet and scale up to millions of square feet.

With it’s intelligent software, Mobile Shelf becomes more efficient over time as it learns your operation. The system is easy to deploy and easy to scale up and down depending on your needs.

Watch a team of Mobile Shelf robots in action on the warehouse floor

Rather than your employees walking around your warehouse to pick items for an order, your inventory is stored in movable racks that can be picked up by our warehouse robots and brought to your pickers.

After your picker picks the item being ordered, the Mobile Shelf robots returns the rack to the storage area and puts it down and is then ready for a new mission.

The Mobile Shelf warehouse robots are always ready to work. When they run low on charge, they automatically dock at a recharge station to top off their battery ensuring they can always be assigned missions with a moment’s notice.

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