Warehouse Robotics

Warehouse robots, like those used by Amazon in their fulfillment centers, will have a huge impact on your business.  E-commerce customers put more and more strain on traditional logistics operations.  They want their purchases faster, at lower cost and with no errors.  In today’s labor markets these competing demands strain your distribution centers.

Simply put, warehouse robots help you do more with less.  A logistics robot system (or AMR) like the Mobile Shelf, can reduce the operating expenses of your warehouses by 80%.

Game theory is critical when considering whether to automate your warehouse with robots.  If your competitors beat you to the costs savings enabled by warehouse robots, you put your business at risk.  The corollary is also true.  If you automate your distribution centers before others in your industry, you will enjoy a significant competitive advantage.


Average wage of warehouse workers in the US (source: Glassdoor)


Average warehouse worker wage growth per year (source: Glassdoor)

12-15 Miles

The distance the average picker in a fulfillment center walks per 8-hour shift


Number of times robots have tried to unionize


Piece pick to Cart per hour benchmark(source: Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation)

60- 150

Piece pick to Container on Conveyor per hour benchmark (source: Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation)


Average absentee rate of employees in the logistics industry (Source – Bureau of Labor Statistics 2005)


Direct cost of absent employees as a percentage of total payroll (source: Society for Human Resource Management)

Amazon is known to utilize 250,000+ robots throughout its distribution centers.  For a modern logistics operation to succeed in the future it will likewise need to embrace robotics technologies.

The return on investment (ROI) of Mobile Shelf logistics robots is measured in months, not years.  In developed countries like the US or Europe, it is reasonable to expect the system to pay for itself in much less than 12 months.  This is a factor of the lower capital costs compared to other warehouse automation techniques like powered conveyors and productivity improvements for your employees of 5-10X or more.

Prime’s system is robust and complete.  It is a fully integrated system that can be deployed in a matter of a two to eight weeks (depending on the size of your warehouse).  The system is so simple your people can be trained quickly and become more productive than ever.  Once deployed, Mobile Shelf warehouse robots will begin delivering value immediately.

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