Robot Software – Prime Robotics’ Core Strength

Prime’s parent company, Bleum, is renowned for developing mission-critical software for the most demanding business processes for some of the World’s largest companies.  Bleum has achieved the Gold Standard for high quality and reliability in the software industry, CMMi Level 5, five times in a row.

WMS Integration 

We built logistics systems for top Supply Chain software providers and 3PL’s (third party logistics companies) for 15 years.  We have built and deployed Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) Transportation Management Systems (TMS) Workforce Management Systems (WFM) and Order Management Systems (OMS) for thousands of customers in more than 20 countries around the world.

When designing the Mobile Shelf’s RCS, we built in a flexible integration layer that has three methods of interfacing with back end systems.  We can interface through a modern web services API, through EDI or flat files or read/write directly to your production database.  As a result, Prime’s warehouse robots will seamlessly integrate with Warehouse Management Systems such as SAP, JDA/RedPrairie, Manhattan Associates, Highjump, Netsuite and others WMS’s.

Real-Time Robotic System Dashboard

The heart of the software your staff will use every day is the Web Console that shows a dashboard of the active map of the system.  The central feature of this application is a real-time map of the active elements in the system.  It shows the live status of various components like online robots, pick stations, Storage Shelves, and recharge stations.  Users can click on one of these elements such as a shelf, see its ID, and what is stored in it currently.  Robots can be inspected and certain commands given to them to override their active mission.  When a robot runs into difficulty it will be highlighted on the map making it easy for the admin to spot the issue and take corrective action.

Picking station Software

The software that controls the picking station is a windows based application that runs on a touchscreen for easy interaction with your pickers.  The same application can be used for picking, replenishment or putaway, and cycle count operations.  The user merely chooses which function they want to perform when logging in and they may immediately begin work.  Therefore the Mobile Shelf picking stations may operate in a hybrid scenario, perhaps doing picking in your mornings and replenishment in the afternoon.

The software is designed to be simple to use and provide a level of redundancy with the pick to light and put to light systems that compliment it.

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