Accelerate Warehouse Picking Rates with Advanced Pallet Station  

by Prime Robotics

As warehousing evolves, the bar for innovation rises significantly. At Prime Robotics, we are redefining warehouse picking operations with Advanced Pallet Station (APS).  

Understanding the Value of APS 

APS provides unmatched efficiency gains with its ability to deliver remarkable picking speeds, increase accuracy rates, and reduce operational costs. Here, we explore key features that make APS the most revolutionary warehouse solution of 2024. 

1. Accelerated Multi-SKU Pallet Building 

The traditional method of picking from single-SKU pallets to build multi-SKU pallets is often a labor-intensive and time-consuming warehouse process. APS increases picking speeds up to 5X for single-SKU to multi-SKU workflows. 

APS builds up to three simultaneous orders, facilitating quick transitions between SKUs and order lines. APS delivers over 400 manual picks per hour and scales up to 900 picks per hour with a robotic arm. This helps warehouses boost throughput and achieve a rapid ROI. 

2. Automated Takeaway Process 

APS automates the delivery and takeaway of pallets to and from the pick station. Traditionally, human workers relied on forklifts or pallet jacks and moved the pallet being built around to pick required SKUs, creating bottlenecks and wasting valuable operational time. With APS, robots seamlessly integrate into the picking process enabling a swift and uninterrupted workflow. 

Imagine this: a fleet of pallet-moving autonomous mobile robots (AMR) deliver goods to the pick station where a robotic arm picks 900 cases in one hour. Meanwhile, other pallet-moving AMRs retrieve and transport completed pallets for automated stretch wrapping and then on to a staging location to be loaded on a truck. The pallets for the order are wrapped, labeled, and staged for shipping—all with fewer human touches. 

3. Accuracy-Driven Capabilities 

Precision is key to running a cost-effective and high-yielding warehouse operation. Human error and variability are inevitable when human workers are not provided with the right tools for the job. APS comes with innovative features to ensure picking accuracy. 

APS is equipped with projector or LED indicators to identify cells and locations to guide pickers with spot-on accuracy. The solution also includes count-back capabilities that ensure inventory data aligns with picker counts when a case pick is completed. These features help eliminate errors and make each pick a mathematical certainty. 

4. The Versatility Component 

Warehouses vary considerably from one to the next and require adaptable and flexible solutions. APS accommodates different order structures, sizes, and weights to meet diverse business requirements. 

APS’ versatility also shines through with its ability to rotate source and target pallets for ease of stacking and loading. Users have the option to interact with the system via voice commands or a touchscreen interface, ensuring seamless and user-friendly operations. 

The Road Ahead 

The launch of Advanced Pallet Station isn’t just a milestone for Prime Robotics; it’s a step toward a future where fully automated warehouses are the norm. Rather than replacing human workers, APS frees them from the mundane tasks of picking and moving pallets so they can engage in higher-value work. They become facilitators of a powerful robotic system. 

APS’ innovative design, coupled with Prime’s easy-to-use automation software, empowers warehouses to increase accuracy, save costs, and maximize productivity. APS marks a new era in logistics and warehouse efficiency. 

Contact us to schedule your workflow assessment and determine how warehouse automation can benefit your operation. 

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