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End-To-End Warehouse Robotic Automation Solutions.

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Warehouse Automation

Prime Robotics warehouse and logistics automation solutions allow clients to better-manage their operations, saving time and money throughout the entire fulfillment process. Our end-to-end robotic automation solutions are uniquely tailored for the Warehouse, E-Commerce and Material Handling industries. We’re the premier North-American automation provider, and our solutions are flexible enough to automate an entire facility, or a specific workflow within your warehouse operation.

Best of all, Prime’s robotic hardware, software and support solutions are scalable, intelligent and highly productive. No matter the size of your operation or the workflows you’re looking to achieve, we’re ready to help you automate more of your operation for tomorrow’s marketplace demand.

Automate More With Tailored
Robotic Automation Solutions.

Utilizing our unique Warehouse and Logistics operations experience, Prime Robotics has developed solutions which can be customized to fit your specific business operations and delivery requirements. From goods-to-person Pick solutions to Pallet management, storage, and fulfillment, we’re ready to help you automate more of your operations.

End-to-End Automation

From Receiving, Put Away and Storage to Picking, Packing and Shipping, we have the automation solutions to help you achieve optimal productivity from your warehouse operations.


Save time and money while increasing pick production by up to 800%! Prime Robotics MobileShelf goods-to-person pick solutions will transform your warehouse or E-Commerce operation for tomorrow’s marketplace demand.

Pallet Management

Manage 2-ton payloads, save time and money on sorting and palletizing, and automate your entire operation with Prime Robotics MobilePallet AMR and Dynamic Palletizing Arm solutions.

Material Handling

Reliable, speedy and incredibly durable, our Material Handling automation solutions are designed to get your materials, parts, products and SKUs from A to Z when, where and how you need them moved.

Pick Accuracy
Productivity Gain
Months Payback Period (average)
Global Support Services
Average Space Efficiency Increase

Technology Residing at the Intersection of Efficiency and Innovation.

A robust robot hardware suite, intuitive and flexible software, customizable pick and work stations, and lightning-fast navigation are just a few of the reasons more companies are turning to Prime Robotics as their turn-key automation partner.


Automate more of your warehouse with Prime Robotics goods-to-person AMR’s, dynamic arm, material handling and pallet-moving robots, manufactured and supported in the US.


Easy-to-operate and highly customizable, Prime Robotics software delivers an unmatched user experience that is simple, scalable, and integrates with almost any WMS or operations management software on the planet.

Pick Stations

From Receiving, Put Away and Storage to Picking, Packing and Shipping, Prime Robotics offers a variety of Work and Pick Stations customized to fit your operation and your budget.


Delivering unmatched speed, accuracy and durability, Prime Robotics navigational QR codes ensure your robots are always fast-moving and traveling on the most efficient path possible.
robot navigating through a warehouse

Automating Warehouse and Factory Operations For The On-Demand Marketplace.

Prime Robotics warehouse and factory automation solutions are designed, built, and tailored to fit your unique industry and business operation. Optimize your unique workflows with ala carte or end-to-end automation that delivers efficiency, scale and savings right from the start.

Warehouse Logistics / 3PL

Prime Robotics deep industry expertise combined with productive technology and innovation means your warehouse or 3PL operation can operate with zero pick errors, up to 800% productivity increase, and reduced overhead costs to maximize ROI.

Retail & E-Commerce

24-hour, Same-Day and On-Demand is the future of Retail and E-Commerce fulfillment. Solidify your operations with premier robotic automation solutions from Prime Robotics.

Food & Beverage Distribution

From ambient to cold environments, Prime Robotics offers automation solutions designed to handle your food and beverage distribution operations with safe and efficient movements.

Factory & Manufacturing

From material handling to milk runs, conveyance integration and point-to-point deliveries, Prime Robotics is the reliable partner to keep your business moving forward.

RaaS-Based Financing Options.

No matter the size of your operation, Prime Robotics has the financing options to help automate your facility for tomorrow’s marketplace demand. Learn more about our CapEx and RaaS-based leasing options today, and let us help you achieve new levels of operational efficiency.

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Automation Software
Pick Stations
24/7 Support

Automation Software

Flexible, robust and customized to fit your operation, Prime Robotics Software is the cornerstone of our automation intelligence and system delivery. With a sleek and professional user interface, we provide full coverage over the Robot Control System, Warehouse Management System, Data Platform, Algorithm library and API integrations.

    Core Features
    - Robot Control System
    - WMS
    - Universal API Integration
    - Reporting
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Warehouse Automation

Pick Stations

Prime Robotics offers a variety of custom-built Pick Stations to fulfill all your warehouse, E-Commerce or Factory management operations. From Pick and Pallet stations to Hybrid, Decanting and Packing, we have the stations and technology to accelerate your logistics for the marketplace of tomorrow.

    Core Features
    - Piece Pick Station with Put walls
    - Pallet Station
    - Hybrid Pick Station
    - Pack Station
    - Delivery Station
    - Staging Station
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Warehouse Automation


With Prime Robotics, you can automate more of your warehouse using goods-to-person AMR’s, Dynamic Pick Arms, material handling and Pallet-moving robots that are manufactured and supported in the US. Tough, durable, and built like a tank, our suite of warehouse robots will help you get the most out of your operations.

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Prime Robotics Warehouse Automation



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Premier 24/7 Support Services

Prime Robotics is headquartered in Denver Colorado, and our locally-based Support teams are vital to our client’s national and global business operations. All Prime Robotics automation solutions are monitored 24/7, and designed with proactive systems using “call-home” technology to identify, evaluate and solve most issues without the need for onsite warehouse engagement.

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