Prime Robotics introduces our Mobile Shelf warehouse robots.

Robotic automation is poised to revolutionize the logistics industry. There are many kinds of automation coming to market to help warehouses reduce costs.

The Mobile Shelf is a superb example of AMR or Goods to Man warehouse robots. AMR systems are ideally suited for today’s warehouses because they have the biggest impact on reducing the running costs of your warehouse, while using technology that is mature. Prime’s AMR robots have a robust hardware platform that can stand up to continuous operation day-in and day-out within your warehouse for years to come.

Warehouse robots make your staff more productive by enabling them to perform more picking operations per hour while reducing their physical activity. Because the system is simple to learn and nearly fool proof to follow, you will find it easier to achieve high productivity with ALL of your warehouse employees.

Warehouse robots can deliver significant competitive advantage to your business. Amazon is quickly deploying warehouse robots into all of its distribution centers. They play a significant role in propelling Amazon into a leadership position in the industry by helping them satisfy customers fast and at much lower cost. It is time for the rest of the logistics industry to catch up to with them.

Prime Robotics produces robots can help you become a leader in cost reduction through warehouse automation.