Mobile Shelf Delivers Competitive Advantage

Prime manufactures robots that help your employees get more done for less.

Mobile Shelf warehouse robots build on a proven AMR (Automatic Mobile Robot) model that collaborates with your employees to enable them to perform their duties 10 times faster. Our proprietary software leverages artificial intelligence to continually optimize its operation based on your order flows and the layout of your warehouse.

Prime’s factory robots leverage our Mobile Shelf design to create a flexible platform that can move goods between your staging areas and the factory floor as well as moving Work in Process (WIP) goods between various points on your line. Mobile Shelf is faster and easier to maintain than traditional AGV’s (Automatic Guided Vehicles). Because there are no magnetic strips or RFID tags to embed in your floor, they are much easier to reprogram when production changes necessitate adapting workflows.

The Most Efficient Robotic Platform on the Market


Prime currently has 5 variants of our Mobile Shelf robots to fit your needs. The Mobile Shelf can help you increase your picking speed by 10X per employee. This large increase in productivity combined with a low capital cost will help you realize a high return on investment and fast payback period. Furthermore, your employees can learn the system quickly and will enjoy their work more.


Fast, Accurate Robotic Automation


Prime’s factory first robot models are based on the Mobile Shelf platform. We have rebuilt the software to suit the workflows of material handling in factories. They will help you greatly reduce the workers you need to replenish production points or move Work in Process goods between gaps in your assembly line. Because the factory robots provide you with the flexibility to change the workflow along your assembly line quickly and at low cost.



Average wage of warehouse workers in the US (source: Glassdoor)


Average warehouse worker wage growth per year (source: Glassdoor)

12-15 Miles

The distance the average picker in a fulfillment center walks per 8-hour shift


Number of times robots have tried to unionize


Piece pick to Cart per hour benchmark(source: Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation)

60- 150

Piece pick to Container on Conveyor per hour benchmark (source: Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation)


Average absentee rate of employees in the logistics industry (Source – Bureau of Labor Statistics 2005)


Direct cost of absent employees as a percentage of total payroll (source: Society for Human Resource Management)

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