Automation Trends and Predictions for 2023

by Prime Robotics
January 3, 2023

With the new year comes resolutions to make ourselves better, but what about our businesses? If you’re looking to focus on the warehouse and logistical efficiency of time, money, and labor, there is no better answer than automation. With robotic automation, you can make the entire process of your warehouse run smoothly, increase productivity, and drastically reduce errors in warehouse tasks. Let’s dive into why 2023 is the year to incorporate end-to-end automation into your warehouse operations.  

Statistics For Growth  

With Prime Robotics, you can reap the benefits of end-to-end automation for your warehouse operations. Our studies show that 87% of decision-makers plan to expand their warehouses this year. This means more labor to keep things operating smoothly. Additionally, it is estimated that by 2035 there will be an increase of 2.3 million square feet of warehouse space required to meet production demands. With automation, you can meet these demands while simultaneously reducing picking errors throughout the process.  

With an estimated 6% distribution unemployment rate in 2023, there is reason to believe that finding manual labor to achieve these tasks may be an issue for many warehouse operations. Many facilities are recognizing the efficiency and practicality of end-to-end automation with an estimated 50,000 robotic warehouses expected by 2025. With these projections, the global automation warehouse market is estimated to hit $30 billion by 2026. If you’re ready to bring your warehouse into the future to meet the growing demands of production facilities, end-to-end automation from Prime Robotics is the way to keep up and thrive in the industry.  

Continued Challenges From 2022  

In 2022, the warehouse industry faced many challenges. A good portion of these challenges is expected to be a continued concern well into 2023. If you run a warehouse, you’ve likely experienced many of these challenges.  

Labor Shortages 

Like many other industries, there is a lack of labor and decreased numbers in the workforce. Warehouses continuing to operate with manual labor are set up to face causes for serious concern of being unable to meet demands.  

High Overhead Costs 

Overhead costs make up a huge chunk of operating a warehouse. In 2022, 63% of the average operating budget for warehouses goes to warehouse labor. By automating your warehouse, you can drastically cut down on overhead costs for operating your facility.  

Inefficiency and Errors 

Lack of labor is not just a numbers game. It also impacts the number of well-trained and efficient employees you have operating your warehouse. With a decreased number of experienced workers, there is an increase in pick errors and inefficiency overall. Prime Robotics offers end-to-end automation that drastically reduces pick eros and increases overall efficiency without having to train new labor.  

Automating From Truck To Trailer 

End-to-end automation is truly a fully-encompassed technology to ensure that every step of the warehouse process is handled by advanced robotic technology. Prime Robotics offers warehouse solutions for receiving, put-away, storage, picking, packing, and shipping. With Goods-To-Person, Pallet Management, Dynamic Arm Integration, and Material Handling solutions, every aspect of your warehouse can benefit from the accuracy and efficiency of end-to-end automation.  

Prime Robotics Benefits 

Choosing to upgrade your warehouse with end-to-end automation with Prime Robotics offers a multitude of benefits. Our technology has a 99% picking accuracy while picking an average of 300 items an hour. With 3 levels of inventory per pick and the capability of picking 8 slots simultaneously, the speed and accuracy of our automation solutions will significantly increase productivity. Meet the demands of the growing warehouse industry and combat the challenges faced with Prime Robotics automation solutions. 

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