Do You Have the Right AMR Partner?

by Prime Robotics
July 27, 2023
Do you have the right AMR partner?

It’s official, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are leading the way forward in distribution & warehouse automation. AMRs offer unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and a compelling payback period, making them the preferred choice in automation projects. In a recent survey conducted by Softeon, both RFID and mobile robots emerged as the two most promising automation technologies in the distribution and warehousing sector. 

So, how can you ensure that you choose the right mobile robot partner?  

At Prime Robotics, we recognize the market’s demand for excellence beyond just a superior AMR. We understand that our clients require: 

  • Superior safety technology  
  • Robust software for workflow management  
  • A strong team of talented engineers to solve complex issues  
  • Unmatched service and support   

According to Marcus Lemonis from The Profit, success in business revolves around the 3Ps: people, process, and product. With numerous options available for AMRs, what sets Prime Robotics apart? 

We understand the importance of the 3Ps and how they contribute to business success. Here’s how we differentiate ourselves: 

  • People: We have a strong team of talented engineers who are dedicated to solving complex issues and ensuring the smooth operation of your system. With their expertise, we design and implement end-to-end automation solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients. 
  • Process: Unlike other AMR manufacturers, our roots come from software development and a deep understanding of Warehouse Management Solutions. We have developed a modular Warehouse Control System (WCS) specifically designed to address your end-to-end workflow challenges. This ensures that our solution seamlessly integrates into your existing processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity. 
  • Product: Our AMRs are superior in terms of flexibility, scalability, and performance. We provide the best safety technology and robust software to handle all workflow challenges. Our mobile robots are designed to solve critical labor and throughput issues without the burden of heavy and inflexible hardware. 

By focusing on the 3Ps and excelling in each area, Prime Robotics stands out as the ideal automation partner. We are committed to delivering the highest level of service in the industry, and as a US-owned and operated company, we are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of warehouse/distribution facilities effectively. 

Discover the Prime Robotics difference and how our end-to-end automation solutions can drive success in your distribution or warehouse operations. 

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