Transform Your Food & Beverage Warehousing Operation with Automated Workflows & Processes

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Environments Drive Increased Throughput for Food & Beverage Operators

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Unlock the potential of your food and beverage handling with Prime Robotics’ suite of automation solutions. Seamlessly manage the diverse workflows in production, fulfillment, and distribution with our robot hardware and software to redefine the way you handle pallets, cases, and individual items. Crafted exclusively to match the variability in size, weight, shelf life, temperature, and velocity that you demand, our solutions are your answer to a competitive edge in the food and beverage industry.

Experience cost efficiencies and improved productivity across your processes, from receiving and put away to storage, picking, packing, and shipping. Prime’s robot solutions, designed for both ambient and cold-climate environments, not only save time and resources in the long run, but also ensure a safer working environment for your human workforce. By automating your operation, you’re not just boosting productivity; you’re investing in employee well-being by removing them from challenging working environments.

Customized Automation Solutions for Your Food & Beverage Warehouse

  • High-Speed Mixed-Case Picking: Achieve over 300 picks per hour with our AMR solutions. Our AMRs transport pallets to pick stations in a highly sequenced, buffered approach, aligning with the fast-paced demands of your warehouse.

  • Heavy Payload Handling: From 1,100 to 4,400 lb. pallets, our solutions handle the weight of your heaviest food items, ensuring no compromise on efficiency.  

  • Adaptable to Diverse Environments: Our robots operate within a broad temperature range, from –20° F to 90°+ F, ensuring integration in any ambient or cold-climate setting.

  • Space Saving Storage: High-density pallet storage offers end-to-end connectivity and efficient storage solutions when space or slow-moving inventory is a concern. Optimize your warehouse space with Prime’s RackBot AS/RS, which interfaces directly with our AMRs.

end to end warehouse automation with autonomous mobile robots
pallet moving autonomous mobile robot


Prime Robotics offers a range of warehouse automation solutions, including goods-to-person AMRs, dynamic pick arms, material handling robots, and pallet-moving robots, all manufactured and supported in the U.S. Our robots are robust, durable, and built to last, ensuring you get the most out of your operations.


Prime Robotics software is highly customizable and user-friendly, providing an unparalleled, simple, scalable user experience. In addition, our software integrates with almost any WMS or operations management software, making it easy to operate and highly adaptable for your unique requirements.

automation for food and beverage warehouses,automation for distribution centers,automation for food and beverage
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