Get Vertical

by Prime Robotics
May 25, 2023

Get Vertical! Goods-to-person solutions for pallets now utilize overhead space better.

Utilizing space better has become an increasingly important challenge for distributors, 3PL operators, and fulfillment centers. Although commercial space prices have been falling for months, industrial space has been increasing (up 7.1% in the past year alone). As a result, more companies must consider how to use all of their space effectively.

High-density storage solutions for pallets are not new. In fact, the first system dates back to the 1950s. Historically, crane-type AS/RS solutions were costly and had no redundancy in each aisle (lose a crane to maintenance, and the aisle cannot get accessed). Today, at least nine different types of AS/RS systems exist, including carousels, unit-load, robotics, and bots. In addition, there are now AS/RS solutions for cartons, totes, and pallets!

For pallet handling, we believe that an AMR or “bot-style” vehicle that navigates racking in three dimensions is the most effective high-density storage system in the market today. Especially AMRs like Prime’s RackBot that can find the shortest path and work in a swarm-type approach to picking and putaway. Further, the need to integrate or hand off to a network of floor-bound AMRs is solved through Prime’s advanced MobilePallet AMR technology. Vehicles on the floor and in the rack are now fully controlled from a common software architecture—allowing for excellent buffering and sequencing.

Prime Robotics offers all of these solutions today under one platform. Scalable and flexible, the combination of these technologies can be phased in to meet the needs of any business. Consider how vertical storage combined with highly efficient goods-to-person automation could help grow your business.

Prime Robotics