Prime Robotics Revolutionizes Warehouse Picking with Launch of Advanced Pallet Station

March 11, 2024

Denver, CO, March 11, 2024 – Prime Robotics, Inc., a premier provider of goods-to-person warehouse automation solutions, announced today the launch of its revolutionary Advanced Pallet Station (APS) for accelerating picking from single-SKU pallets to build multi-SKU pallets. The APS marks a significant advancement in goods-to-person robotic systems, empowering warehouses to elevate their productivity and accuracy in picking operations.

Historically, pick station processes have relied on human workers and forklifts to deliver and take away pallets from the pick station. The introduction of goods-to-person autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) removed the reliance on some manual processes, but not all. Prime’s APS redefines the pick station operation by seamlessly integrating robotics into the picking process to remove bottlenecks traditionally caused by human workers and forklift traffic. With APS, robots ensure an uninterrupted picking workflow by not just delivering goods to the pick station, but also by retrieving and swiftly transporting goods to designated locations such as wrapping or staging areas.

Key features of APS include the ability to handle up to three simultaneous orders, facilitating quick transitions between different SKUs with nearby order lines. This innovative design, coupled with Prime’s state-of-the-art software interface, empowers users to visually comprehend orders effortlessly, minimizing errors and streamlining operations.

APS is equipped with projector or LED indicators, enhancing accuracy by clearly identifying cells and locations within the warehouse. Its versatility shines through with the capability to rotate source and target pallets, facilitating ease of stacking and loading. Users can interact with the system via voice commands or a user-friendly touchscreen interface, ensuring seamless operation.

With remarkable picking speeds of over 400 picks per hour with a single human picker and scaling up to 900 picks per hour with a robotic arm, APS promises unparalleled efficiency gains. Additionally, its ability to accommodate various order structures, sizes, and weights further underscores its adaptability to diverse warehouse environments.

“The Advanced Pallet Station accelerates picking in single-SKU to multi-SKU workflows for customers, increasing their picking speeds 3X-5X,” says Joe Hunt, Chief Operations Officer at Prime Robotics. “This breakthrough solution not only boosts throughput but also enhances picking accuracy and reduces operational costs in pallet-based workflows.”

Moreover, APS includes pallet recycling and count-back capabilities, further maximizing automation within warehouses.

With the launch of APS, Prime reaffirms its commitment to revolutionizing warehouse automation, driving efficiency, and delivering tangible value to its clients.

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