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Factory and Manufacturing Automation

Factory Robot Automation

Prime Robotics employs a consultative approach to assist our clients in the factory and manufacturing industry. We understand that each operation, workflow, or material handling automation project is distinct and requires a tailored solution. As a result, we believe in the strength of combining best-in-class robotic technology, versatile software, and appropriate applications.

With our extensive expertise in factory and material handling automation solutions, we collaborate with companies striving for a competitive edge in their respective markets. We aim to empower companies, often lacking a deep bench of optimization and automation expertise, to compete in today’s ‘automate or die’ climate. Prime Robotics can help you automate your operations to enhance efficiency and scalability, enabling you to meet the demands of tomorrow’s marketplace.

Factory & Manufacturing Automation Benefits


  • Sequenced Operations: Whether it's material handling, raw material workflows, milk runs, or anything in between, we can automate it. Our AMRs are efficient and safe and can handle the heaviest payload available in North America.

  • Simple & Intuitive: Prime’s RCS is user-friendly, intuitive, and can seamlessly integrate with your current systems.

  • Flexible & Scalable: Our system can handle operations of any size or complexity, regardless of the size of your facility.

  • Custom Automated Workflows: Prime’s RCS can be tailored to your requirements using our exclusive workflow builder tool.

  • Universal Integration: Our software can seamlessly integrate with any WMS, ERP, PLC, or any other related software management system.

End to end automation for materials handling for manufacturing
Pallet moving autonomous mobile robot for material handling


Prime Robotics offers a range of warehouse automation solutions, including goods-to-person autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), dynamic pick arms, material handling robots, and pallet-moving robots, all manufactured and supported in the U.S. Our robots are robust, durable, and built to last, ensuring you get the most out of your operations.


Prime Robotics software is highly customizable and user-friendly, providing an unparalleled, simple, scalable user experience. In addition, our software can integrate with almost any WMS or operations management software, making it easy to operate and highly adaptable to your unique requirements.

Factory Robot Automation
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