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Material Handling Automation

Prime Robotics offers industry-leading material handling solutions that are the premier choice for factory and manufacturing operations. Our MobilePallet and MobileConveyer AMRs and customizable pick and workstations combine to deliver the most efficient pallet management solution for your material handling needs. With the highest AMR payload capacity and four levels of built-in safety, our solutions provide intelligent, scalable, and highly efficient material handling operations that can save your business time and money at every stage of your operation.


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Birds Eye floorplan automation

Scale & Save

Future-proof your material handling operations for market demand with MobilePallet and MobileConveyer AMR solutions. Save time and money instantly with material handling transport and conveyance solutions so your employees can focus on more important tasks.

Automation Dashboard

Efficient & Effective

Automate your material handling to achieve the highest level of efficient product movement with little to no human labor required. Reduce touches and moves up to 4,400-pound payloads with ease.

Automation Dashboard

Optimize & Customize

Utilize MobilePallet and MobileConveyer material handling AMRs to optimize your operation for the fastest and most efficient product transportation possible. Transport and store up to 4,400 pounds of material with either AMR solution.

Universal API Integration

Intelligent & Simple

Leverage a single software system to manage all your material handling operations. Our software is intelligent and simple to use, so your team can start realizing better pick optimization immediately. Prime's RCS integrates with your WMS, ERP, or any logistics management software so you can get up and running quickly.

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