Selecting the Right Automation Partner

by Prime Robotics
January 10, 2023

Investing in warehouse automation is becoming a necessity to meet growing consumer demands. Warehouses are adopting automation to achieve greater efficiency and productivity, while reducing errors and operating costs. However, choosing the wrong automation partner can lead to frustrations and fragmented operations. Automation should make warehouse operations simpler, better, and faster—and your robotics partner should exemplify these traits. 

The Value of Partnership in Automation  

Selecting an automation partner involves more than just choosing the technology. Evaluating potential partners’ comprehensive offerings—from initial implementation to ongoing support—is crucial. Partnering with a provider that values performance, responsiveness, ingenuity, moxie, and empathy helps ensure a successfully integrated automation program. Prime Robotics embodies these values, delivering quality and innovation in our robotics solutions and every client interaction. 

Below, we’ll explore key factors to consider when selecting an automation partner. 


It’s important to evaluate the flexibility of robotics solutions when choosing a provider. Prime’s solutions are built with adaptability and scalability in mind to meet the unique needs of each warehouse. Our robots can be customized for specific workflows and integrations with other robots and business systems. For example, a warehouse may deploy Prime’s robotic pallet movers to automate the transportation of pallets within the warehouse. To further maximize efficiency, the pallet movers are integrated with pallet wrapping machines to streamline packing and shipping processes. The ability to customize solutions based on the unique requirements and goals of each facility ensures that operators get the most out of their investment. 

The flexibility of your robotics partner’s execution software is a critical component. Prime’s software makes it easy to scale usage of robots up or down to accommodate busier or slower times of year. Prime’s software seamlessly integrates with all warehouse management systems (WMS) and warehouse control systems (WCS) to ensure ease-of-use and visibility into operations. 


As with any technology investment, choosing a reliable system is key. However, reliability goes beyond the hardware itself. It extends to the services and support offered by your robotics partner. Prime ensures long-term reliability with durable goods-to-person robots manufactured and supported in the United States. Prime’s robots are built with rugged materials and innovative technology to withstand even the most challenging environments. Our team of experts is dedicated to supporting your warehouse staff and ensuring optimal robot usage, including remote technical support when complex issues arise. Our commitment to delivering trusted technology and services guarantees optimal ROI, saving your warehouse time and money. 

ROI-focused Financing 

Selecting a robotics partner that provides tailored financing options to meet your needs is critical when investing in automation. Prime is committed to helping our clients realize their budgetary requirements and ROI goals. In addition to various purchasing plans, Prime provides customizable leasing and financing solutions. Our Robots as a Service (RaaS) offerings are flexible and easy-to-navigate, making it an ideal option for small to medium-sized operations exploring automation for the first time. Whether clients choose to finance, purchase, or lease with Prime, our team of experts provides support every step of the way. 


When evaluating robotics partners, operators should look for providers that deliver comprehensive solutions, instead of just selling hardware. Prime’s team takes the time to learn each facility’s processes and build tailored solutions to solve their unique challenges. From receiving to shipping, our end-to-end automation solutions streamline workflows and address bottlenecks at every stage of the warehouse operation. With flexible systems for picking, pallet management, and storage and retrieval, Prime delivers solution-focused robots and software that meet each warehouse’s needs. 

The Time to Automate is Now  

Automation has become a proven solution for warehouses facing labor challenges, rising operating costs, and process inefficiencies. However, choosing the right automation partner is critical to achieve the desired results. 

Prime’s implementation team and robot technicians work closely with warehouse staff to ensure successful adoption and integration of robotics systems. With Prime’s robust solutions and ongoing support, warehouses improve efficiency and productivity—achieving up to 10X more throughput and 99% picking accuracy. Prime’s flexible, reliable, and solution-focused approach to automation empowers warehouses to overcome challenges and operate best-in-class facilities. 

Contact us to schedule your workflow assessment and learn how Prime Robotics is the ideal partner for fully integrated warehouse automation systems. 

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