Prime Robotics – 2022 Year In Review 

by Prime Robotics
December 12, 2022

Prime Robotics 2022 Year in review

Prime Robotics shines when it comes to end-to-end warehouse automation. We offer automation solutions for every aspect of the warehouse, distribution, e-commerce, and factory industries. From picking and storage to reducing picking errors and overhead costs, our automation solutions and services exemplify our status as warehouse experts first and technical experts second. We customize and tailor-fit our solutions based on the set-ups of companies and factories to help them achieve the efficiency, speed, and accuracy they need to stay ahead of the ever-increasing demand and speed that their customers need.  

In 2022, Prime Robotics has experienced a host of exciting milestones and accomplishments in assisting clients across North America with their warehouse automation needs. Let’s dive into the Prime Robotics 2022 year in review. 

Prime Robotics Growth 

In 2022, Prime grew 2X in terms of new client sites and Active Robots working in production environments. Our experienced team of warehouse and technology experts have implemented solutions to eliminate pick errors and manage all types of pallet and material handling, which has reduced overall operating costs for our clients.

In addition to our increase in clients sites and active robots, we’re also extremely proud of our internal growth. Adding 8+ new engineers in 2022, Prime Robotics is poised to support the growth and future expansion opportunities available in 2023.  With our warehouse and technology experts in place, we have the experience and know-how to customize and tailor-fit solutions to best serve each and every one of our clients.  

New Partnerships In 2022 

Our goal is to help you grow with warehouse automation. To do this, we’ve continued to acquire new partnerships in 2022 to provide the best possible service to our clients. Among our new partnerships are Kawasaki and SRSI. With these newly acquired partnerships, we’re excited about the new solutions and automation capabilities being delivered. 

Recent Client Sites 

Although we are based in Denver, Prime Robotics continues to expand services and clients all over North America. As we continue to expand and grow, we can further our reach to manufacturers, factories, warehouses, and e-commerce operations in other regions. In 2022, Prime Robotics expanded to client sites in an increasing number of states including: 

  1. Florida 
  1. Colorado 
  1. Pennsylvania  

    Implementing our warehouse automation technologies in different areas has been a significant accomplishment for our team in 2022. The results speak for themselves and provide an impressive return on investment to all who incorporate our warehouse automation solutions including: 
  1. 99% pick accuracy 
  1. 800% productivity gain 
  1. Average of 18 months payback period 
  1. 20% increase in space efficiency on average 

Contact Us To Automate In 2023! 

Prime Robotics is excited about 2023 and what it holds for our clients and the warehouse automation industry. As we continue to combine the efficiency and innovation for distribution and logistics automation technology, the future looks bright for al! Considering the increasing costs of labor and demand for speedy production and distribution, it is becoming evident that automation is key to thriving during this time.  

If you’re ready to experience the optimization, efficiency, speed, and accuracy of warehouse automation solutions, contact us to get customized and tailor-fit assistance for your facilities in 2023.  

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